The South American Market is one of the world’s principal economic regions. In 2015, the South American region had the highest growth in recorded music revenues for the fifth consecutive year (+11.8%). Digital revenues rose 44.5%, more than four times the global average. Streaming revenue increased by 80%. Consisting of 20 countries, the two largest South American markets are Brazil and Argentina. Chile is 4th, just behind Colombia, which will also be well represented on the CAB tour.

Most of the licensed digital music services are active in the region. FaroLatino, CD Baby, Altafonte, Believe and The Orchard have local offices, as do iMusica, Tratore and Quae in Brazil and other young, more local, digital distributors. These are markets where local music is strong. In Brazil, local repertoire accounts for more than 30% of sales. However, there is also a healthy independent scene increasingly working with international artists.

Twelve important South American cities can and do host major international touring acts. The Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna, iron Maiden, Paul McCartney and countless others have performed throughout the continent. There is also a thriving independent circuit as well. Acts such as Beirut, Mogwai, Four Tet, Mac DeMarco and Thurston Moore, along with many others, have performed at the many festivals and venues throughout the region.

Participation in CAB provides you with a unique opportunity to meet with local managers, labels, publishers, agencies, festivals, as well as the chance to learn about the South American market and explore new opportunities.

Additionally, the creators of CAB, along with many other in-house South American experts, are available to discuss how we can further help guide you through the development of your South American business plans, strategies and implementation, at the local, regional, national and international levels.

All areas of the music and related creative industry businesses will be represented; music conferences, music export, WIN network, rights societies, major and indie labels, publishers, distributors, managers, organizations, booking agents, festival programmers, tech companies, streaming platforms, video, film, mapping and game producers, synchronization experts, songwriters, artists, trade and cultural government officials, studios, music tech, music app developers, music media, PR and radio, TV promotion experts, major media, music supervisors, composers, hardware companies and brands.