“It’s a wonderful concept, a curated trade tour of music professionals in related but complementary fields. Hope it continues to other countries.” – Eric Kaye, The Music Playground.

“Overall it was great to travel with a group and build relationships with folks beyond just a single 5-10 minute conversation. The organization of a trip makes travel easier, less lonely, and more entertaining… I thought it was an excellent trip. Had a great time, learned a lot, met great people, and moved the business forward in those territories. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.– Tony van Veen, AVL Digital.

“Being part of the CAB tour gave us an automatic endorsement with the local events that we might not have received as fully if traveling alone. Being part of a larger group gave credibility and showed the local companies that we were there on serious terms and meant business.” – Paul Cheetham, Reeperbahn Festival.

“It’s an amazing experience for every aspects. To meet new interesting people and places. It’s good for building relationships and doing business at the same time!” – Nelson Graf Reis, Oh Lee Records, AMAEI Board Member, Artist.

“I found the CAB tour to be an unparalleled way of meeting artists and industry in a region that has an abundance of amazing music that to date has been largely untapped by Australian Arts Festivals.” – Stuart Rogers, Sydney Festival.

“SIM is amazing so far and I am very thankful for the great vision you’ve had for bringing these south american events together. Obrigado!!” – Jean-Philippe Sauve, Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC).

“I had such an inspiring, educational, connected time in South America and am looking forward to process it all and start solidifying some of the great relationships we started developing during our time there.  I have no doubt that some of the meaningful conversations I had with some of the most passionate, inspired and inspiring people I’ve met in a long time have the potential to create real bridges between continents.” – Monique Rothstein, Positive Feedback.

“Great way to get an in to the local Latin American market… Really very grateful and already following up with some outstanding contacts I wouldn’t have made otherwise, already excited for next year!” – Allie Silver, Free Radical Productions.

“The CAB tour provided a unique snapshot of the region by presenting 3 important but quite diverse countries…It was very well organized by CAB’s passionate music professionals and the high level of international industry contacts made it extremely worthwhile…thanks and appreciation for a most enjoyable experience!!” – Warren Costello, Liberation Music.